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The Pull Em Up Campaign is an endeavor led by Kevin Pryor to raise awareness in the youths of his community about the perils that come from wearing sagging pants. 

The initiative behind his project to rid his community of this negative image against the minority youths so that they can take  advantage of opportunities that may come before them to better themselves.

Society in general views the sagging pants look as degrading of one's self-respect.  The majority of saggers  (those wearing the sagging pants) are black male youths who live in urban areas.Dressed in sagging pants, they are viewed as thugs, gangsters, and just plain trouble makers.

There have been many roundtables held around the country as to the history of sagging pants. Many argue that it originated from prison.  Inmates were not allowed to have belts for fear of suicide attempts, therefore their pants sagged.  Some argue that the more an inmate allowed his buttocks to be revealed, he was sending a sign to fellow inmates that he was available for homosexual intercourse.

Later, the hip hop era of the 90's continued to promote this look as being "cool."The Pull Em Up Campaign is a strike against this epidemic.  Kevin's research has uncovered possible physical complications that come from long term wear of sagging pants.

The PR Web (The Public Relations Website which is a reputable online marketing site that promotes small businesses by helping them raise awareness to their services and products) has cited Aaron Parnell, a reputable Posture and Vitality expert, claim that the wearing of sagging pants can lead to years of chronic pain and physical inconvenience.

He claims that the awkward walk that saggers must assume creates bad posture.  They tend to rotate their legs inward while their knees turn their feet outward for balance.  Parnell claims that subjecting your body long term to this abusive style of walking could lead to other complications such as knee misalignment and bunions.

The Pull Em Up Campaign serves to educate our community about the negative ramifications that this style can cause.  Unlike anti-sagging laws that have been passed in different states to punish the saggers, this campaign will inspire the youths to make better choices and the community will reap the rewards.  

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